Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The love of a family, part two

If you ever wonder what difference the love of a family makes....

Kirill and Alex was once in the same babyhouse. On warm summerdays, they spent time outside in the same playpen. On some of the first pictures I ever saw of the two boys, they were both being helped to a standing position to have their pictures taken. So that prospective parents could see their potential, could see that with a little help they could get up and stand tall.

Alex was adopted by a wonderful family. Kirill was sent to an adult mental institution. 
Alex learned to walk. Kirill laid curled up in a bed.
Alex had surgery to help his Spina Bifida. Kirill laid curled up in a bed
Alex plays with his brothers and sisters. Kirill lays curled up in a bed.
Last week, Alex went to Disneyland. Kirill laid curled up in a bed.
Next year Alex will be in mainstreamed 1.st grade. Kirill will be curled up in a bed.

This is the difference the love of a family makes.

Please people, consider adoption, or donate to these wonderful children. No one should spend their life in a bed.

You might remember this post from a little while ago. I've decided to repost it, this time with a picture of Alex.

In this picture he is receiving an award at school.
He is now back in school after his surgery, and is doing so well.
Please consider adopting Kirill, or donate to his grant.

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