Monday, March 26, 2012


Christian is my most favourite boys name. And I have a wonderful son with the name Christian. I also have a very good girlfriend in Scotland named Christian :-) The Christians in my life are very dear to me, and I'm so grateful to have them in my life. Maybe you need a Christian in your life?

Reeces Rainbow have two little boys listed that they have given the name Christian. Let me introduce you to them:

This handsome young man was born in June 2002. He is well-liked by his peers and the staff at the orphanage.He tests positive for HIV, stage 3.A mom who have adopted children with HIV told me that if you can handle handing out medication, you can handle HIV. With the right medicine the virus is kept so low that it is undetectable on tests, and people can live a normal life with it. HIV is not rated as a fatal disease anymore, but a chronic disease. And considering how far medication for this virus have come in the last 20 years, we can only dream what progress will be made in the next 20. But the fact for Christian is that when he ages out of the orphanage, he will no longer have access to the lifesaving medication.To learn more about raising a child with HIV, visit Project Hopeful. Christian is a couple of years younger than my Christian. If he is anything like him, he is curious, well-meaning, happy and affectionate. But he has the odds stacked against him. He is over five, he is a boy, and he is HIV positive. Please spread the word about him. I bet this little boy dreams of a family like all orphans do.Here is his profile with RR.

The other little Christian  was born  in December 2006. He is blind. I've worked a bit with people who are blind, and have seen how very well they can function. I know a lot of people who live by themselves, goes to work everyday, take walks in the neigbourhood and live normal familylives. Some of them have guide dogs, and the cooperation between man and dog is truly inspiring to witness.Christian needs a family that will help him  learn to navigate and explore the world. But most of all he needs a family to love him. Like every child does.This is his profile with RR.

Please help spread the word about these two little boys. I'm sure they can bring lots of joy and laughter to the family that gives them the chance.

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