Saturday, August 25, 2012

Samantha and Kristina

When the Falvos  adopted two of their children from an Eastern European country two years ago, they got to meet all the children in their sons groupa. They fell in love with a little boy that was their sons best friend, and now they are back to adopt him. He is still together with five of the children from his Baby House, but they have all been transferred to an institution for older children.

This is not a good place. The Falvos have met the children they got to know two years ago, and they say that the children have regressed, and are not thriving. To read their report, go here.It's heartbreaking. But for some of the children there is hope.They are available for adoption. They can be taken out of there, and into warm, loving homes. They can get the medical treatment that they need, go to school, be loved and cherished.

As far as we know at this time only one of the children is listed with RR, Samantha.

Go here to see her profile.She was in the babyhouse with her sister, Kristina, but was probably separated from her when she was transferred.

It would be wonderful if the two sisters could be adopted together, and grow up as sisters. Please consider if you are Samanthas parents, she really needs to come home to her Mama and Papa. Spread the word about her, so she can find her home.

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