Friday, October 12, 2012

Apert syndrome - an update!

I've blogged about children with Aperts syndrome a couple of times before. I f you want to learn more about Aperts, you can start by visiting this site.

Today I want to update you on a few of the kids I've posted about before. In the last couple of weeks,


Ivan K

and Serenity

have found families :-)

This is wonderful news! When they come home they can get the surgeries they need, get an education, and go on to live normal lives. But the most important thing is that they will be loved, and they will belong!

Here are some of the children that are still waiting for the love of a family, and the chance to be all they can be.  They are all boys, as boys wait longer for families. (The number of girls chosen for adoption is double of the number of boys adopted.)

Meet Aiden.

He is 3 years old, and is up and walking. He is in a region where RR have a wonderful agency partner, and there have been quite a few adoptions from there. 

And this is Kael,

who happens to be in the same region as Olga was in. He was thought to have Aperts, but that has now been changed to Pfeiffer syndrome. No matter what, he really needs a family! He is 3.5 years old, and will be transferred to a mental institution when he turns four in March. Please don't let this happen to Kael. He will be put in a crib to stay....forever. This is a region with easy travel, western accomodations and lots of sights to see. The region has a relatively fast process, and many children have been adopted from this region.

will turn two years old in November, and from his picture looks to be doing pretty good.He is at a perfect age to join a a family, and get started on the medical treatments. 

is still waiting. at 10 years old, he is now an older boy, and we know what that means for his chances to get adopted :-( But i know there is a family for him out there, they just need to see him.

is also in a region with easy travel, and western accomodations. He also looks like he is up and walking, ready to explore and learn . He just turned four last month, and probably will be transferred very soon :-( It's so sad for the children to have to experience the loss of everything familiar, and loose the caregivers and children they know. Sammy would probably do very well in a family. 

There are many successtories of children with Aperts that have been adopted. Two of them is Kody, and Franscesca. They have both blossomed in their new families. 

Consider if one of these boys are your son, and please don't forget about

. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. oh they are so precious thank you so much for shouting out for them! When Tilly was diagnosed with Smith Magenis Syndrome i remember looking through a list of syndromes i had never heard of before in amazement at this 'secret' world i had suddenly found myself in!unusual syndromes may scare people, sms, my tilly's syndrome on paper reads like a delays, sleep dysfunction...chronic,anti-social behaviours, self harming.....its goes on and on plus with only 600 cases worldwide support is short! but in reality kids with sms are amazing, funny, wonderful souls. Tilly MAKES people fall in love! i hope people will embrace that and not be scared away from a syndrome xxxxx