Sunday, August 28, 2011


Victoria is a little girl waiting for her family. She is soon to be nine years old, and is orphaned because she was born with arthrogryposis. Luckily only her legs seems to be affected. Victoria can move around, but she cannot walk because of her leg deformity. To learn a bit more about this condition, and two beautiful children who have this diagnosis, go see this blog about Aaron and his family, or this blog about Madeline and her family. They both came home from Victoria's country.

Victoria is in a mental institute, and that is not a good place for a little girl. She still is the caregivers favorite, and is said to have a glowing personality. She loves to play with her dolls and pretend to be mommy.If she is not adopted she will be in a mental institute for the rest of her days. Victoria can not receive money for a grant before a family has chosen her. To see her profile on Reeces Rainbow, go here.

Please help spread the word about Victoria and Olga!

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