Sunday, December 18, 2011

Can we make a Christmas miracle?

Now that Olga have found her family, I want to focus on some of the children that have been listed with RR the longest. Back when I started following RR, and that is a long time ago, they were already listed. Can we make a miracle for these children? Can we find them a family this Christmas? Is it possible? If only one of them were chosen, it would be a miracle, as they have been listed and passed over for so long. Will you help me? Spread the word about them, maybe there is a family out there for a child that has been waiting for way too long? Can we make a miracle happen? To read more about each child, or donate, click their name.

Meet Kiril

Kiril was transferred to an adult mental institution a while back, before that there actually was a picture of him standing. Now he spends his days curled up in bed.

And Little Kirill 

These girls are sisters. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could be adopted together, and experience the joy of being sisters?

And Yuri

Natalia and Yuri actually had a committed family at one time, and were going to be siblings. But the family unfortunately was not able to complete their adoption, and they were sent to a mental institution :-(

These are the ones that have been listed with RR for the longest time. Please help me spread the word about them. Think of the enormous potential that these children will have in families. And think of the vaste of human potential it is, to let them sit in institutions. They are children, real breathing, living children, who needs the most important any child can have; a loving family.

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