Monday, February 13, 2012

More about Alexis

The nice lady adopting from Alexis orphanage saw her again today: And Alexis- oh my goodness. Girlie is so much fun- she was singing something that reminded me of a Veggie Tales song (it might have been just in Russian idk) at the top of her lungs rolling down the hallway in a wheelchair version of bumper cars. I got to laughing and almost choked. And she wiggled her eyebrows at me when she saw me laughing. She propels herself everywhere, even though her hands are turned backwards. Her right leg swings to and fro, so she apparently has some movement in her right knee, but her left knee is always positioned the same in a bent position. Her elbows don't exactly move much, but she's so quick at rolling those wheels of her chair that you can't see exactly what's moving- her whole arms or just the lower half. And when the teacher came to get her for her next class, she was hanging out with some friends and she begged "please please" in Russian, laughingly as she was rolled away. Zero bad attitude even though she clearly wanted to stay put. It's interesting, I pray that God lets me see as much as I can of these kids, so I can carry the word back home to you guys, and today, we had plenty of time to observe. I hadn't heard Alexis do much talking in great quantity before today, but I was thrilled to see that she has excellent enunciation and clearly communicates well. She is very social as well, with her peers and those slightly older. I have seen her with the younger ones many times, but this was the first time I saw her with the much older ones too. Doesn't she just seem like she would do wonderful in a family?

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  1. Thank you so much for what you do for these amazing children. I have fallen in love with Kacey and I started a blog to help her find a family asap. I would love it if you would check it out and share. I know you have advocated for her in the past, and I just wanted you to know I am doing all I can as well.