Sunday, February 12, 2012


Meet Alexis!!!

She lives in a really good orphanage in Eastern Europe. There is a family there adopting now, and they have wonderful things to say about sweet Alexis:

 We have GOT to help Alexis get a family- she was there (I talked to her) she's so sweet and funny and played so nicely with the other kids, even the younger ones. But she watched us with …sad eyes- she was so longing for a family of her own, you could see it all over her face.

This would make a great place to adopt from- it is an amazing orphanage IMO. The kids were playing, toys were out and being used (we sat with about 12 Barbies on a couch lol) and the kids are so happy. Hubby and I both said- out of all the kids we met,/saw, we saw no noticeable attachment issues, even though they're all older kids. We saw several that are listed. If you want me to write a little blurb update, I will.  We were really impressed with the level of care the staff had too. They were very nice and very glad to see our daughter getting a family.

I watched her today at lunch (we were invited in to feed our daughter). She is of short stature- probably no taller than the average 8 yr old, and I'm not sure if this is due to the arthrogryposis or not, because she shares some features that I have seen in dwarfism as well (proportion, etc). But, her hands and feet are affected, however, she fed herself and even drank from her cup unassisted. She is very talented with adapting her physical structure to the task at hand and seems quite able to do so easily. She even rolls her own wheelchair down the hall some, but loves playing with the nanny to push her and let her go fast. She's very easygoing and quick to laugh and I really think she'd thrive having a family of her own.

And this is from their blog:

If you’ve ever dreamed of a daughter that could make you laugh, was great with younger kids, friendly and respectful, who enjoys just hanging out and enjoying life, who is smart and quick to smile- this is YOUR girl. The only time I ever see her look sad is when she’s watching us play with our daughter. She looks so eager to be loved and adopted- and you can see the disappointment and longing in her eyes when she watches us. She is just amazingly gentle with the younger kids- Patti follows her around and the others are always looking to see what Alexis thinks of a situation. Despite the minimal use of her hands and feet, she is very independent and mobile in her chair. Her hands and feet appear smaller than typical which we understand is normal for arthrogryposis. They are turned at angles that make the use of them more difficult, but she still managed to drink out of her cup on her own, so it must not be too much of a challenge for her! We hear she does well in school and she always seems very attentive when adults are speaking to her. If you want a daughter to love- one that really needs it and who would absolutely flourish like flowers after rain, Alexis is the daughter. She’s already doing well- but to succeed in life, she needs a family- in a country that has colleges and career options for those with physical disabilities. She’s small for her age (about to turn 12, but the size of a 9 year old) but sturdily built. She smiles constantly. I wish you could have seen her the day her RR picture was taken. They were telling her to smile for the camera so a family could find her but she was already smiling so much it looked like her face would split in half!!! They talked to her about being eager for a family and she blushed- she wants it so much, and still is very much hoping it will happen. A child’s faith- I hope someone claims her soon. If you have questions about Alexis, please comment- we’ve known her longer than any of the other kids and see her just about every day. This is her profile on Reece's Rainbow.

Alexis has arthrogryposis. Alexis is soon to turn 12 years old, and she needs a family to come for her fast. Please spread the word about her!

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