Friday, February 10, 2012

Apert syndrome

I've posted about some kids with Apert syndrome before,
and would like to let you know that
(Click on his name to go to his mom's blog, there are wonderful pictures there, of Kody with his family.)

and Jonah

are now home and safe.

This means that these two beautiful boys will have the opportunities to live full and happy lives.

Ivan needs this opportunity too. He lives in Russia, in one of the easiest and cheapest regions to adopt from. His doctor says that if he is not given the surgery he needs soon, his brain will be damaged as a result of his Apert syndrome. He will not get the surgery where he is now, but if he is adopted, he too could live a full and healthy life.

Click here to see his profile on Reece's Rainbow.

And we have a new picture of Sammy, who also really could use to grow up in a family who loves him. He is in the same region as Artyom M.

And there is sweet Kasey, who is in the same babyhouse as Olga, and I'm sure a interested family could get updated info about here, as there is quite a few families adopting from there right now. But she needs a family soon, as she will be transferred when she turns four in November.


  1. Kody was listed with Apert Syndrome, but it turns out he probably does not have it.

    Not sure you have the right picture for Sammy... it is not his new one!

  2. Oh, I see, the picture is of Artyom :)
    Sammy is so sweet though!

  3. Yes, the picture is of Artyom, but the link is to Sammy's profile :-)