Monday, February 6, 2012


Victoria is a beautiful little girl who has Arthrogryposis.This is a condition that is characterized by multiple joint contractures. I seems that in Victoria's case it's only affecting her legs. Her arms seems to be working well. Still she sits in a mental institution in Eastern Europe, longing for a family. She has so much potential if she is given the chance. Victoria will be turning 10 in December.

Aaron was adopted from the same country as Victoria is in, and has the same diagnosis, although his arms are affected too. He is now growing and thriving in his family.

Madeline was also adopted from this country with the same diagnosis, and she too is thriving. And so is Evan, Sophie and another little girl named Victoria.

Please help spread the word about Victoria, and consider if you can donate to her grant, so that her chance at being adopted can be increased. To see her profile on Reece's Rainbow, go here.You can be the difference between life and death for this little girl, as the deathrate for children in this institution is very high.

And don't forget about Artyom M.

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