Friday, August 31, 2012

Some kids that are special to me :-)

There of course are a lot of kids on Reece's Rainbow that are special to me. Some of them because they have been listed so long, that I almost feel I know them. Some because I've been in contact with people who met them. Some because their needs are particularly difficult, or because I've seen children with similar needs soare once they were adopted.

Today I want to present some children to you, that are special to me for other reasons :-)

This is my PW (Prayer Warrior) child, remember Artyom M?

He now has his own profile on RR. Yeah! Still no donation button, but at least he shows up if someone searches for a little boy his age.  And he has a new name too :-) Brooks! Although I didn't come up with it, I think it fits him beautifully! Brooks was born in June 2009, so he is three years old now. He could really use a family!

This next little boy is also special to me, because I got to name him for his profile on RR. You see, the names the children are listed with, is not their real names. This is done to somewhat protect their identity. And for the person naming all the children, it gets quite challenging. They all are supposed to have names that are not in use in RR, and the name needs to be gender specific and more than four letters. So sometimes that person asks for help. And I'm more than willing to help :-) So please meet Otto.

He is described as calm and friendly. And he is very cute! He was born in October 2006, so he is soon six years old. Unfortunately this probably means that he has already been transferred to a mental institute :-( He needs a home.

And this precious girl is Leonie.

Also named by me :-) She is described as cheerful, sociable, stubborn :-) She was born in January 2006, so she also might be in a mental institute. Will you consider if she is your daughter?

The last little girl I've posted about before.

Her name is Irina S. She used to be listed with RR, but somehow she got unlisted. You can still contact RR if you are considering adopting her.We have two pictures of her :-)

She is listed in her countrys database, and her number is № 6lq3.
She was born in 2008.

All these children are living in a Eastern European country. Oh, and they all have Down Syndrome :-) They live in a region that RR has called region 23. All regions have their requirements for adoptive families. The thing that is special about this region is that you can have no more than 3 children already at home. To see more requirements, and other precious children in this region, go here.

If you're not in a position to adopt, please consider spreading the word about these children. They need to be seen by as many people as possible, so that their Mamas and Papas can find them.

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  1. such gorgeous kiddies! thank you so much for linking up and sharing their faces xxxx

  2. Visited again today just to see their gorgeous faces again! This is what I love about the linkup, they put in your mind and prayers kids you may not have noticed before xxxx