Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Children needing families!

I've posted about this little boy before, but now he's got a new name, and his own profile on RR. His name is Donovan, and as the picture shows, he is in pretty bad shape. He was born in 2004, so he is eight years now. He has Down Syndrome, and is described as cheerful and sociable. That is hard to believe when you see his picture though, and might be how he was when he was still at the babyhouse. Now he looks emaciated and starved. His region have no family size restriciton, and you can adopt two unrelated children at the same time. There really are a lot of cuties in his region. The babyhouses seems to be good, but as soon as the children are transferred, they meet a very different reality.

This is Marla. She has CP, and is completely immobile on her own. She was born in 2007, and will be transferred from her babyhouse very soon. This means that she will be bedridden for life, and no child deserves that. This is her profile.

And ofcourse, here is Kolya. He was also born in 2004. His profile says that he has Down Syndrome, asthma and is abnormally underweight. Kolya has been listed with RR for a very long time, several years, but noone, not one single soul, have ever inquired about him. That breaks my heart. Nobody has even cared enough to ask about him. He is overlooked over and over again.  HIs grant hasn't even moved since the matching grant her on this blog ended in June. To learn about a little girl who came home from the same country as he is in, and was in very bad shape, 
but has mad tremendous strides, go to:

Sweet little Kolya

The last little girl I want you to meet, is Tiffany. Tiffany was born in 2001, and looks to be in pretty good shape. The thing that touches me about her, is her description in her profile. It says that she is stubborn, annoying, naughty. Can you imagine if someone asked you to describe a child, and that was all you had to say? I think that is terrible. The only good thing I can see about it, is that she might be "a survivor" who hasn't lost her spirit.

Please consider if one of these children could be your son or daughter. They all deserve so much better than what they are getting.

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  1. oh my goodness, poor donovan looks so poorly! how i wish more people would step up for these kids xx