Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Heath day!

I've blogged about Heath before.

Heath was brought to my attention when a family went to Eastern Europe to adopt their little boy, Aaron. Aaron was in a mental institute, which lacked almost everything. While they were there, their facilitator were given the profiles of two little boys in the orphanage. Heath and Judd. They saw both boys, and went home and advocated for them.  Judd has been home for a while now, but Heath is still waiting.  To see Aarons moms blog, go here, and learn more about Heath and the place he is at. It is a horrendous place for a little boy to be. 

Today something big is happening for Heath. A lot of people who care about him, have come together to create Heath day. All over the U.S people are having carwashes, lemonade stands and other kinds of fundraisers to help Heath get a full adoption grant. A full grant for his country is about $20 000. Can you believe that? His family would have to pay for their homestudy, but the rest of the cost of his adoption will be covered.

If you want to contribute to Heath day, you can donate to his grant, through the donation button on his profile. Right now he has a matching grant from a gracious donor. So what you give will be doubled. 

There are also three other boys that have been transferred from their babyhouses to this place after Aaron was adopted. Porter already have a family working as fast as they can to bring him home, but Hanson and Sasha are wasting away in this awful place. They both spend their days in cribs :-(

A dream would be if a family could bring home Heath and one of the other boys. That would be a miracle!

And.....please don't forget about Brooks ;-) 

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