Saturday, August 11, 2012

They can be helped!

A friend of mine is in Eastern Europe right now, adopting three little miracles into her family. Two of her children are in a well-run orphanage, but one boy is in a bad place. To read about their experiences there, go to her blog, butbygraceitcouldbeme. She is an experienced foster parent, and she has a wonderful gift of writing.

In this pretty bad place, there are also three other little boys, that are listed with Reece's Rainbow.

Everett and Olson were chosen, and supposed to be brothers, but the family was not able to finish the adoption. Instead they were transferred to this place, that is an institution for children with mental delays. The thing is that in their culture, mental dissabilities is seen as a shame, and so these children are treated as less valued people.

There is also little Nolan. My friend has not met him yet, but he is there, also living in this bad conditions.

These children have chance to get out of there! They just need a family to choose them! Will you bring them home? Will you tell the world about them? Let people know that they can be saved?


Everett and Olson now have a family that is committed to bring them home!  Please spread the word about Nolan, he also need to get out of there, and home to his family!

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