Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why is Kolya still waiting?

Unfortunately I know the answer to this :-(

He is a boy.
For every boy adopted, two girls are adopted. Why do people rather adopt a girl? That I don't know. In some cultures girls are seen as easier to raise than boys. But that of course varies from child to child. The fact is that many more boys than girls languish in orphanages.

He is older.
When an orphaned child turns five, his chances to be adopted are bleak. Most people adopting set out to adopt a child as young as possible. Kolya is eight.

He has special needs.
And not just some easy fixable minor special needs. No, Kolya's needs will be lifelong, but he surely will blossom in a loving family. There are so many successtories out there. The latest is Conner, who just learned to walk, six years old, and only home for a few months.

He might be Roma.
Kolya looks like he could be of Roma heritage. While this doesn't necessarily mean anything to people adopting internationaly, it almost eliminates a childs chances to get adopted in Kolya's country.

Kolya has been listed for quite awhile, but there has been no inquiries about him, not one single one. And still people are waiting for years for a healthy infant girl from his country. 

But you know what? There are lots of  people out there who have adopted older boys with special needs, who talk about the love, joy and happiness they experience with their children. To meet some of them, visit the Already home page at Reece's rainbow. 

Kolya needs a family to give him a chance to shine, and show all the potential that is in him.
Please consider if he is your son, and please spread the word about sweet little Kolya. 

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